Covid-19 Vaccine at CareWell

All CareWell Urgent Care centers in Massachusetts are offering the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine.  As supplies are limited in the state at this time we are unable to schedule any further appointments until we receive our next shipment.  

2nd Doses

  • We are pleased to report that CareWell Urgent Care was informed today that approximately 3,000 vaccines will be shipped to our clinics next Monday, March 8th. We will resume vaccinations for patients receiving their second dose beginning on Tuesday, March 9th. We are now actively working to reschedule appointments for those patients who missed appointments and will adjust our staffing to accomplish this in a fair and timely manner. We want to reassure patients that this short delay in receiving a second vaccination will not adversely impact the efficacy of the vaccine. We understand the anxiety that vaccine delays may have caused some patients and their families, and are grateful for the tireless work of the administration to ensure that vaccines are quickly prepared to be delivered to patients.

If you would like to be notified of vaccine availability as each phase opens, fill out the form below and we will contact you once your phase opens with appointment availability.

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